5 Tips for maintaining good posture throughout the day
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Good posture – 5 tips for maintaining it throughout the day

5 tips for maintaining good posture throughout the day

11 Sep Good posture – 5 tips for maintaining it throughout the day

Good Posture – 5 Quick Tips

1. Set up your work station correctly

Starting out in the correct position is important. It is the basis of having good posture. If you are starting out in a bad position, then what hope do you have a maintaining good posture throughout the day. Our Osteopath can help you with advice on setting up your work station.

2. Take breaks from your desk every 30 minutes

Set a reminder on your phone to take a break every 30 mins. To some people this will sound like a waste of time, but it doesn’t have to be. A break can be as short as 30 seconds, it just needs to involve you getting up from your chair and stretching your body out. The idea of the break is not to take a huge amount of time away from you desk, it is about breaking up being in the one position for too long. This break makes you reposition your self, starting you off again in the correct position.

3. Drink water

Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated, which assists with concentration and helps prevent niggly dehydration headaches. We all know how our posture is going to look once we start feeling foggy, tired and are struggling to stay focused!

4. Nutrition

Make sure you eat small, regular meals to keep your energy up and your blood sugar stable. Having a steady, slow release of energy in our body allows us to function at our peak. Our concentration is better, and we are more engaged with what we are doing (and this included our awareness of our posture!).

5. Exercise

The list of benefits from regular exercise is extensive, but how will it assist with good posture? Exercise increases blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients into the tissues. It also helps condition, stretch and strengthen your muscles, allowing them to work more efficiently and support your body throughout your daily activities.

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