Sleep and why we should make it a priority for our health and wellbeing
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Sleep – 4 Reasons To Make It A Priority

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24 Jan Sleep – 4 Reasons To Make It A Priority


Stress is one thing that everyone has in their lives, and everyone finds it, well, stressful! More than anything else, stress would have to be one of the top contributors for people presenting with pain in the clinic. Getting adequate sleep can help reduce stress in our lives. The daily stresses that we encounter unfortunately are not going to simply disappear just because we are sleeping. However, our ability to manage them will improve. Also, we are able to think more clearly and process information, and find solutions a lot better than if we are not well rested.


Sleep is your body’s time to switch of and restore its functions. Good quality sleep allows you to think more clearly, making good, fast decisions. Often in life we find ourselves without good quality sleep, and feeling foggy and indecisive. Therefore, our reaction is to reach for sugar or a cup of coffee to perk ourselves up. What our body’s are really crying out for is rest.


Fitting everything in our busy schedules can be a challenge. Time with children, work commitments, making time for our partner, fitting in exercise and finding time for friends & socialising. So, some times the best thing you can do for yourself is simply say no to one thing each week. Instead, make time for proper rest. Therefore, taking one thing off the list each week – one lunch with a friend, one session at the gym – it doesn’t mean loosing your whole routine. Taking a small portion of your time back, and putting it into resting will mean that for the rest of your week, during your activities you will be better rested and more engaged in each activity.


Not giving your body enough time to rest is associated with an increased risk of developing a number conditions. Such as, Type II Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. There are a few reasons that this could be attributed to. Firstly, stress is a big one. Our bodies don’t function as well and they should when we are under stress. Vital energy and resources are taken up dealing with stress, instead of carrying out our daily functions. Therefore, being tired during the day when we are expected to be engaging with people or our work, can be difficult. So, it often leaves us reaching for unhealthy snacks to pep ourselves up. These unhealthy choices add up over time, and can contributed to our risk of developing conditions that affect our health.

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