Pregnancy Massage & Pregnancy Osteopath in Camberwell
Pregnancy Massage Camberwell & Pregnancy Osteopath Camberwell. Pregnancy Osteopathy at Body & Brain Clinic in Camberwell.
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Pregnancy Osteopathy


Firstly, during pregnancy the body goes through a lot of changes. Therefore, the goal with Pregnancy Massage & Osteopathy during this time, can assist the body in adjusting to these changes. As a result, this will help you remain as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy.

Ass your baby grows, your center of gravity shifts, and this places strain on different joints. Pregnancy hormones are also released, which has an influence on your ligaments, which causes them to stretch more.

This combination of events can lead to common complaints seen during pregnancy, such low back & pelvic pain, sciatica, headaches, neck & shoulder pain, fluid retention & cramps. Pregnancy MAssage & Osteopathy can assist with this.

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Pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Osteopathy at Body and Brain Clinic Camberwell



Yes, Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy does involve pregnancy massage. Your Osteopath will use pregnancy massage to relax muscles, which will be accompanied by other Osteopathic techniques. Pregnancy Massage & Osteopathy will help to release joints and realign the spine, making you more comfortable. This will help your body accommodate your growing belly.

Pregnancy Massage Camberwell and Pregnancy Osteopath Camberwell at Body & Brain Clinic


We always recommend our clients visit for a treatment as soon as possible after the birth of their baby, preferably within the first few weeks.

As every delivery is different, and the body undergoes a tremendous amount of stress during the birthing process, the sooner this is addressed, the better chance your body has to heal efficiently and correctly.

Our Osteopath can also help you with pain associated with caring for your child. In addition to general activity, things like carrying, feeding and placing your baby into their pram and cot can place a lot of strain on the body.

Pregnancy Osteopathy can help alleviate pain associated with these activities and treat common conditions seen in mothers with newborns. These include things like carpal tunnel syndrome, neck & upper back pain, numbness, headaches and back pain.

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