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Infrared sauna camberwell. Infrared sauna at Body & Brain Clinic. Camberwell Infrared Sauna, helps detox, weight loss, improve circulation. Infrared Sauna Camberwell, near Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Malvern East, Malvern, Toorak, Canterbury, Mont Albert, Kew.
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Infrared Sauna


Infrared Sauna at Body & Brain Clinic uses infrared heat, which is a safe, invisible heat wave. In contrast to a traditional steam sauna, which uses steam to heat you at skin level causing sweating, our Infrared Sauna has the ability to penetrate your tissues, working at a core level to detoxify. This allows our Infrared Sauna to provide a deeper detoxification for your tissues,

Our Infrared Sauna is also temperate adjustable, which allows you to target different tissues and achieve different benefits of our sauna.

Relax & detox in our Infrared Sauna while you read a book or bring you ipod to listen to. Furthermore, our sauna accommodates 2 people, therefore you can bring a friend and take to opportunity to catch up while you relax.

Our sauna runs in its own private room with space to get changed in privacy. We also provide towels for our sauna sessions, so you don’t need to bring anything except yourself. Finally, refresh with our hydrating facial mist after your sauna, and enjoy filtered water to hydrate.


Infrared Sauna Camberwell. Servicing Hawthorn East, Malvern, Canterbury, Toorak, Mont Albert

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Benefits of Our Infrared Sauna



Firstly, our Infrared Sauna heats up the body from its core, which results in a deep detoxification at a cellular level, where toxins reside.

Weight Loss

Furthermore, our Infrared Sauna works to heat the body internally, boosting metabolism and heart rate. Due to this, one Sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories, while you simply sit & relax.

Pain Relief

Another benefit is that Infrared heat penetrates the body’s joints, muscles and tissues, which helps relieve minor aches and chronic pain.

Skin Purification & Anti-Ageing

Also, the sweat produced while you sauna, helps eliminate toxins to help purify the skin. As a result, Infrared heat works at a cellular level to stimulate collagen, and improve skin health.

Improved Circulation

In addition to all the other benefits, Infrared heat stimulates blood flow, which therefore helps improves circulation.


Finally, unlike traditional saunas that operate at high temperatures, our Infrared sauna used gentle, deep heat which therefore helps relax the body.




Single Session 30 mins    $35

5 Pack 30 mins    $160

10 Pack 30 mins    $290

Bring A Friend (single session)   $5



4 x Infrared Saunas


(Limit one per customer)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Infrared Sauna different from traditional Steam Sauna?

Firstly, traditional steam saunas operate at very high temperatures and also work to heat the air around you. Therefore, this means they can be uncomfortably warm for some people. Furthermore, the steamy air around you is only in contact with your skin, therefore a steam sauna can only act on your body’s cells at a surface level.

Our Infrared Sauna uses infrared heat. Therefore it has the ability to penetrate your tissues, and as a result works at a core level. Furthermore, our Infrared Sauna is able to provide a deeper detoxification for your tissues. Also, it can do this at a lower, more comfortable temperature than traditional steam saunas.

Also, traditional steam saunas create fluid loss from sweat, which is therefore only being produced at the skin level. Furthermore, this means that you lose predominantly water and electrolytes, which as a result, your body needs to replace afterwards.

Finally, our Infrared Saunas create sweat that is a product of detoxification at a deeper cellular level. Furthermore, the components of your sweat are different. As a result, there are more waste products being eliminated in your sweat, which you body doesn’t want.

How Hot is the Infrared Sauna?

First of all, our Infrared Sauna at Body & Brain Clinic in Camberwell is heat adjustable, therefore it can be customised to your liking. Furthermore, we use different temperatures to target different benefits of the Infrared Sauna. So, for example if you wanted to target skin purification & anti-aging benefits of the sauna, this would operate at a different temperature than if you wanted to target weight loss & detoxification. You can discuss what you would like to achieve with the sauna, and we will customise it to suit your needs.

Furthermore, even if you are not a fan of tradition steam saunas, and prefer Infrared Sauna for the comfort of their lower temperature, this is not a problem. We can set your sauna at a lower setting, so you can sauna in comfort.

Is Infrared Sauna heat safe?

First of all, yes, Infrared Heat has been studied, and it is safe. Furthermore, Infrared Saunas use Infrared light (working on your body as heat) to stimulate your tissues. Also, Infrared heat is the invisible part of the sun’s light, which is beneficial for all living things. Furthermore, Infrared heat does not contain any UV waves or other particles known to be bad for our health. Therefore, it in fact does the opposite for our health and is good for our bodies.

When is Infrared Sauna not suitable?

First of all, we don’t recommend our clients use our Infrared Sauna during pregnancy. Also, we don’t recommend it if they are taking Warfarin, which is a type of blood thinning medication. However, the rest of the time, Infrared Sauna is safe to use and generally beneficial to your health.

How often should I use the Infrared Sauna?

First of all, this depends on what you are trying to achieve with your sessions. Therefore, we recommend 1-3 times a week for most people. Furthermore, this is usually sufficient to achieve the benefits of the Infrared Sauna.

What should you wear when you Sauna?

First of all, we generally recommend wearing light and loose fitting clothing when you sauna. Furthermore, you will be given a towel to wrap around you while you are in the sauna, therefore most clients either bring bathers to wear, a pair of shorts, or simply wear their under garments.

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Body & Brain Clinic is located in the heart of Camberwell Junction. In addition to Camberwell, we service the surrounding areas including Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Glen Iris, Malvern, Malvern East, Toorak, Canterbury, Kew, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, Balwyn, Ashburton and other areas in the Inner East of Melbourne.