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Camberwell osteopath available on burke road camberwell at camberwell junction
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Camberwell Osteopathy at Body and Brain Clinic with Camberwell Osteopath Annabel Eastham


Firstly, Osteopathy is a manual therapy that utilises a comprehensive range of techniques. Also, it is designed to address not only the symptoms, but also the cause. Furthermore, our treatments may include soft tissue massage, stretching, spinal manipulation, trigger point release, joint mobilisation, and dry needling. Lastly, Osteopathy is designed to help your body heal from injury and muscular pain.

So, our Osteopath may also prescribe home based exercise programs. Furthermore, these are designed to aid recovery and help prevent injury re occurrence.

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Hawthorn East Osteopath, Annabel Eastham at Body & Brain Clinic

Who is Osteopathy suitable for?

Firstly, Osteopathy is suitable for all age groups. Therefore, our Osteopath uses a diverse skill set, which makes treatment adaptable, as a result it is for people of all age groups, including:

  • Babies & Toddlers
  •  Children & Teenagers
  • Pregnant Women
  •  Women in Pre & Post Natal Phases
  •  Working individuals (Desk bound or Physical workers)
  •  Athletes (Beginners or Professionals)
  •  Seniors

What conditions can be managed with Osteopathy?

Firstly, our Osteopath can assist with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Firstly, Low back pain
  • Also, Disc pain & sciatica
  • Furthermore, Neck pain
  • In addition to, Headaches
  • Lastly, Pregnancy back pain & sciatica
  • Firstly, Sports injuries
  • Also, Computer & Desk related pain
  • Furthermore, Scoliosis
  • In addition to, Tendonitis (ie. Tennis elbow, Rotator cuff injuries)
  • Also, Arthritis & Joint stiffness
  • Furthermore, Neck & Shoulder pain
  • In addition to, Hamstring strains
  • Lastly, Elbow & wrist pain
  • Also, Knee & ankle pain
  • Furthermore, Hip pain
  • In addition to, Postural related pain
  • Lastly, Digestive problems (ie. Irritable Bowel)

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Body & Brain Clinic

Servicing Area

Firstly, Body & Brain Clinic is located in the heart of Camberwell Junction. Also, in addition to Camberwell, we service the surrounding areas. Therefore, this is including Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Glen Iris, Malvern and Malvern East. Also, Toorak, Canterbury, Kew, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, Balwyn and Ashburton. In addition to other areas in the Inner East of Melbourne.