Osteopath Hawthorn for Posture & Ergonomics for desk workers
Osteopathy for Posture and Ergonomics available in Camberwell Junction
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Osteopathy for Posture

Body & Brain Osteopathy in Camberwell Junction. Camberwell Osteopath Dr. Annabel Eastham



Osteopath Hawthorn at our clinic can assist with pain related to poor posture in office workers. Firstly, our Osteopath Hawthorn commonly sees injuries associated with posture. Furthermore, posture refers to how we hold ourselves. Also, it refers to how well we are able to support or spine and body while carrying out our daily tasks.

Therefore, if you have good posture, this helps prevent injury and strain occurring. So, these are common causes of muscular pain & back pain. Furthermore our Osteopath Hawthorn can help address some of these common postural concerns, and help you strengthen & support your spine for better posture.


Firstly, our posture while we are at our desks working or studying is a big one! Furthermore, so many of us spend the majority of our days desk bound. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid slumping into bad posture by the end of the day.

So, simple adjustments to your work station can help better support you. Also, they can assist with maintaining good posture while you are working. Therefore, our Osteopath can assist you with making these changes.

Osteopath Hawthorn at Body & Brain Clinic for Posture & Ergnomics


Firstly, posture during sleep is often one that we don’t think about. However, sleeping position and support through your mattress and pillow are important factors in ensuring you get a good nights sleep. Also, this helps you wake up feeling refreshed, and not tired and achey.

Furthermore, our osteopath can assist you in making some changes to the way you sleep. Also, our Osteopath Hawthorn can recommend appropriate pillows and mattresses to ensure a supported sleeping position.

Osteopath Hawthorn at Body & Brain Clinic for posture and ergonomics


Firstly, postural exercises are different for those we normally thing of when we consider ‘strength’. Furthermore, postural strength comes from tiny muscles connected to our spine. Also, these muscles function to support our bones through movement. Therefore, preventing strain and overuse of other muscles.

Furthermore, a lot of postural exercises are simple exercises you can do at home. Also, our Osteopath Hawthorn can provide you with appropriate assessment and a step by step program, which is added to gradually. So, this will help improve posture and spinal stability. Furthermore, as an Osteopath Hawthorn & Pilates Instructor, Annabel has the skills and knowledge to assist you in improving you posture through strength training.

Osteopath Hawthorn at Body and Brain Clinic for posture and ergonomics.


Firstly, posture with daily activities includes things like driving, how we sit on the couch at night. Also, how we carry things when we do the shopping, how we lift our children… the list goes on. In addition, it refers to all the things that fill our day, which we just do without thinking about. Therefore, a lot of these mundane activities still place strain on our bodies. So, good posture during these times is still important.

Our osteopath hawthorn can assist you by addressing pain & strain present in the body through hands on Osteopathic care. Also, she can assist further by making adjustments to the way you carry out certain activities and through strengthening exercises to help improve posture.

Osteopath Hawthorn at Body and Brain Clinic for posture and ergonomics.

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