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Myotherapy is joining Body & Brain Clinic!


20 Dec Myotherapy is joining Body & Brain Clinic!

Although more and more people are becoming aware of what a myotherapist is and does, there are many more that don’t fully understand exactly what myotherapy can offer. Developed over 40 years ago, myotherapy is a hands-on manual therapy that provides assessment, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.


Myotherapists work on prevention, correction and rehabilitation specific to the needs of their clients. Our aim is to decrease your pain, increase your strength and flexibility and improve your functional movement. This is done by determining the cause of your pain rather than just treating the symptoms. Myotherapy incorporates trigger point therapy and a wide range of soft tissue massage and manipulation, which may include; muscle energy technique, dry needling, and joint mobilization. Myotherapists also use stretching, exercise prescription, postural advice and education.


The best way to experience exactly how we can help you is to come for a consultation! Myotherapy and Movement Clinic will be opening at the Body and Brain clinic on Wednesday November 16th.   To receive $15 off your initial consultation book online at or phone 0404018194. To read more about myotherapy or to learn more about Myotherapist Kerri Layton, you can go to the website

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