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Kew East Osteopath, Dr. Annabel Eastham at Body & Brain Clinic.
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Kew East Osteopath

Kew East Osteopath


Kew East Osteopath Annabel created Body & Brain Clinic in 2012. Her goal was to provide the highest level of Osteopathic care, in a friendly and welcoming environment.

As a Kew East Osteopath, Annabel is passionate about providing individualised care for each and every client. This is achieved through careful planning and a great team behind the scenes.

In addition to being an Kew East Osteopath, Annabel is also a qualified Pilates Instructor. Therefore, she is able to apply these skills during Osteopathic sessions, providing home based exercise programs for her clients.

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Hawthorn East Osteopath, Annabel Eastham at Body & Brain Clinic
Camberwell Osteopath, Annabel Eastham at Body and Brain Clinic.

Our Osteopathy


All Osteopathy session at Body & Brain Clinic require an Initial Consultation, that will run for up to 45 minutes. Your first consult will include a discussion of your injuries, as well as Osteopathic treatment & home based exercises to help you improve.

Our subsequent appointment run for 30-40 minutes, as there is less discussion required. We also offer extended consultations for either 45 or 60 minutes. Clients are able to book these longer session at any time, simply request the required time when you make your booking.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to our clients. No question is silly to us, and we think information is power. Therefore, you can always feel welcome to ask us anything that is on your mind. We try an provide all our clients with a thorough understanding of what to expect with their injuries, and how best they can manage them, so that all our clients feel confident in the care we provide.

Kew East Osteopath for Pregnancy


Our Kew East Osteopath, Annabel Eastham has worked extensively with women during Pregnancy. Slight modifications to Osteopathic care are applicable during pregnancy, which we understand are important to provide the highest level of care.

Our pregnant clients can enjoy our ‘belly cushion’ which allows them to lie face down in comfort for treatment if they wish. We understand during Pregnancy, comfort is key. So our Osteopath can adapt treatment for side lying if clients wish not to be on their stomach.


Pregnancy Osteopathy

Camberwell Osteopath, Annabel Eastham at Body and Brain Clinic